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TigerDynasty Robotics Team Kicks Off 2016 Season

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This Saturday, January 9th the Fishers High School “TigerDynasty” Robotics team will quarantine themselves in the conference room at Launch Fishers and begin work on their newest challenge. TigerDynasty is part of the FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC. FRC is an international high school robotics competition. Each year, teams of high school students and mentors work during a six-week period to build game-playing robots that weigh up to 120 pounds. These robots complete tasks such as scoring balls into goals, flying discs into goals, placing inner tubes onto racks, hanging on bars, and balancing robots on balance beams. The game changes each year to keep the excitement fresh and give every team a more level playing field.

TigerDynasty Team

  This year Disney Imagineers teamed up with NASA to create the challenge TigerDynasty will take on. According to the team, time crunch is one of the hardest parts. While the competition gives each team six weeks to build TigerDynasty explained that you want the robot done between four and five weeks so you have time to test it. Building the robot is a very collaborative process where every member of the team uses their skills to make the robot the best it can be. The team is divided into three parts, the Mechanical Division (the builders of the robot), the Electrical Division (add electrical circuits to the robot), the Programming Division (adds programming and instruction to the robot), and the Business Division (which is the driving force behind it all).

TigerDynasty Working at Launch Fishers in 2015

  The students pride themselves on the gracious professionalism of their team. The idea is to lift everyone up whether you lose or win. The purpose of FIRST is to both learn and have fun. This Saturday the team will be given the task from NASA that the robot needs to do this year and begin their first day of work. If you are interested in learning more about TigerDynasty you can check out their website here. If you are interested in sponsoring the team you can find out more information here.

Preparing for Failure: Getting Ready for FailFest 2015

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We’re all on our own professional journey, but it’s always incredibly insightful to get a glimpse into the journeys of those around us. At FailFest 2015, we’ll be hearing from some bright professionals who haven’t always made the right moves. FailFest is an annual conference where local Indy professionals can gather to celebrate every aspect of the journey, but especially the failures. Preparing for FailFest, if you’re new to it, is an easy process. Think of Your Own Journey Your personal journey surely isn’t riddled with successes alone. We’ve all made some mistakes along the way. The important thing is to recognize how those mistakes made for a better you. How they worked to also act as a learning tool. We all experience failure differently, but our guest speaker’s this year have something to say about how their personal failures have become an important part of where they are today.  FAILFEST14_IMG_0027 Preparing for Your Future Failures Your journey probably isn’t over. That being said, you’ve still got more to go. While you may have gotten to where you are today off of your past, where you’ll be in ten years is all determined in the future. Are you prepared to make the future mistakes that are set on destiny’s slate? Knowing that every success is in some part due to a failure and how you bounced back can help you become a better failure-maker in the future. Your journey is yours, but it’s not one that is completely tied to success. We’ll be exploring how failure is a very real part of everyone’s career and how those failures have shaped some of Indy’s brightest entrepreneurs and business people. Bring your notebook and a reflective mindset to this year’s FailFest and make the most out of it! For more information about Fail Fest 2015 or for tickets, visit    metonymylogo Written by our sponsor Metonymy Media. Metonymy is a union of creative writers dedicated to serving companies and agencies with practical and effective content marketing strategies for growth and success.          

Launch Fishers Interns: Meet Caleb!

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Hello! I’m Caleb Ostrander and I will be joining the Launch Fishers team as their fall intern. I just began my final semester at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion studying finance and business administration. I am passionate about community and economic development, entrepreneurship and nonprofits. Needless to say, I am stoked to be able to join the Launch Fishers community. In addition to my studies, I enjoy scuba diving, biking and reading. I also love to hear people’s ideas, stories and passions. So feel free to stop by if you see me around!  

Caleb Ostrander is a Senior at Indiana Wesleyan University


Our Vision for Visionary Way

It’s official! We’re moving! After a unanimous vote by the Fishers City Council a move to a new 52,000 sq. ft facility is the next big step for us here at Launch Fishers. The new building, located at 12175 Visionary Way, will contain ample space for coworking, triple the amount of meeting rooms and, of course, our nearly world-famous coffee shop. Event space for small and large gatherings will be available as well. The current timeline for the move is set for late summer. Minimal build-out will be required to create the space Launch Fishers founder, John Wechsler, has in mind. You can view the new floor plan below.  

U:! Active Projects15OC04-LAUNCHLaunch-base_Central_rrenschen(Click to Enlarge)

  Here is an early look at the proposed entrance to the building. RISE: The Coffee Shop at Launch Fishers will also be moved to the new facility and be open to the public.   NewBuildingExteriorA few more concepts that can be expected in the interior of the welcome area can be seen below. Launch-base_Central_BreannaE.rvt_2015-Apr-20_10-58-08AM-000_COFFEE_TO_COWORKING   Launch-base_Central_BreannaE.rvt_2015-Apr-20_11-07-12AM-000_COFFEE_BAR Read more on the Fishers, IN website.  

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

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Launch Fishers wouldn’t be what it is, or where it is, without its sponsors. Offering everything from free Internet to conference space to Lunch n' Learns, sponsors enrich the coworking space and offer insight and education to its members.   Barnes & Thornburg, LLP One of Launch Fishers' major sponsors—of which there are several—is Barnes & Thornburg, LLP, a law firm and lobbying group with offices throughout the United States. For the duration of their sponsorship, the law firm has hosted several office hours and several Lunch n' Learns about raising capital, taxes, equity, and more. They were also one of the sponsors for Fail Fest, a one-day event celebrating failure and how it can spawn innovation. Most obviously, Launch Fishers’ large conference room is named for them and reflects Barnes & Thornburg’s belief and investment in the coworking space and its potential. B&TCity of Fishers Launch Fishers wouldn’t be possible without the support of the city of Fishers and its mayor, Scott Fadness. Fadness, particularly, is a champion of the mission of Launch Fishers and even presented at Fail Fest. By contributing not only a portion of funding but also institutional support, the city of Fishers has aligned itself with economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunity.   LightBound Any business today relies on the Internet to some degree, whether it’s staying in touch with clients over email or Google Hangout, communicating with your team through HipChat or updating your business’ social media accounts. As a sponsor of Launch Fishers, LightBound has provided free Internet access and Wi-Fi to the space. For the level of service LightBound donates, a business would normally pay several thousand dollars a month. So, theirs is a huge and meaningful contribution.   Candidio and inSourceCode Many of Launch Fishers’ sponsors find it easier (and more practical) to donate time and services instead of money. The two companies listed above do just that, and their in-kind donations enrich the coworking space with Lunch n' Learns, sponsorship of Fail Fest, and hosting of other events to inform and grow budding entrepreneurs.   We want to thank all of the sponsors above and all of the many others! Visit our sponsors page to see who else supports entrepreneurs in central Indiana.