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Offices. Collaboration Space. Coffee Shop. We have what you need to keep your creativity flowing and your business running.

Open Coworking Area For Increased Collaboration

Our open floor plan allows for increased collaboration between entrepreneurs. Sometimes, you need someone to bounce an idea off of or even to give you a little pep talk before heading into a big meeting. We’ve created a community that supports one another. And, when you need to really focus in on your work, we have partitioned desks that allow you to tune out the noise and zero in on your goals.

  • Partitioned Desks
  • Conversation Areas
  • Comfy Couches

Dedicated Spaces and Office Suites For When You Need More Space

As businesses scale to meet their growing market’s needs, we want to make sure they have a plan and a place to do that growing. Members find more than just a desk to set their laptop on. They’ll find business resources, partners, and space to add team members and increase their innovation. The dedicated spaces and office suites at Launch Fishers are yours to grow, build your team, and create an even more successful enterprise in. 

  • Privacy
  • More Space
  • Increased Security
  • A Comfy Chair to Call Your Own

Note: there is currently a wait-list for dedicated offices/spaces. Please contact us to learn more and get on the wait-list.

More Views From Around Launch

Check out these shots from the Launch Fishers campus to see what other great amenities and services members have access to.

See the space for yourself! Schedule a tour and one of our team members will show you around.