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Why We Work Here (A Blog by Six Feet Up)

Here’s why we all chose to work at Six Feet Up and why we are still here:“Human-Friendly”It’s fashionable to promote work environments as “green” and “eco-friendly” to show commitment to the planet. At Six Feet Up, we go further and … Continue reading
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Coffee shops are fine, but eventually you need more. Launch Fishers is optimized for serious entrepreneurs and service providers who need a greater degree of privacy, guaranteed accessibility and professional amenities that aren’t available at an espresso bar.

Individual Entrepreneur
$500 per year
Individual Memberships include print/fax/copy/scan facilities, a variety of work and meeting spaces – from comfortable lounge areas for casual discussions to larger team spaces and conference rooms.
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Dedicated Workplace
$150 per month
+ Individual Entrepreneur
Want a space to call your own? Our Dedicated Workspace Membership gives you a large, comfortable desk and chair that only you can use.
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