Member Spotlight: Cnect

Member Spotlight: Cnect

This month we are spotlighting member company Cnect! Cnect’s modern hiring platform leverages AI to help companies hire 50% faster while providing a world-class candidate experience. Their industry-agnostic solution digitizes and transforms the hiring process by eliminating the need for first-round interviews through continuous candidate engagement and allowing candidates to create digital first impression videos to share their authentic selves. They have already started to transform several Launch Fishers companies.  

As Cnect’s Chief Revenue Officer, Andre Boulais leads Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. He is a veteran leader of both the Indy and global WorkTech sector and has been a member of Launch Fishers since the beginning. Early on at ExactTarget he was a key global recruiting leaders that saw the company go IPO, acquire three companies before being acquired by Salesforce for $2.5 Billion.

“During my journey with Launch Fishers, I have had the great fortune to experience some of the greatest highs in the technology space with companies of all sizes. I credit Launch Fishers for creating and fostering an ecosystem of partners and mentors to help offer advice at every stage in your growth journey.” 

When Andre left Salesforce to become the first employee in Indiana for Jobvite, a startup recruiting technology company that has become a global 1,000+ employee force, he chose Launch Fishers as his home base.

“I couldn’t think of a better place to foster a culture of growth and innovation. I think we had every single office in the building and eventually we had established such a successful group of teams across Professional Services, Sales, Marketing, Product, Engineering and Customer Success that Jobvite moved its corporate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Indiana.”

After successfully growing Jobvite tremendously and leading to a successful exit, Andre took an executive leadership role with another Silicon Valley based recruiting technology company: Entelo. When asked why he chose Launch Fishers to establish a hub for hiring across all levels he said:

“When I joined Entelo, the market-leading diversity recruiting technology, the Summer of 2020 it was the height of the pandemic and social unrest. For me, it was essential to establish a foundation of community and goodwill out of Launch Fishers. Events like the Thanksgiving lunch hosted by Launch Fishers helped bring members together across several local companies and reminded each of us how important this ecosystem is to the business community and each other.”

The success of his team out of Launch Fishers and globally eventually led to another successful exit as Entelo was acquired by veteran recruiting technology company SilkRoad. After successful guiding the post-acquisition integration of Entelo and SilkRoad Andre took the Chief Revenue Officer role at Cnect where his team has been on a mission to help companies hire 50% faster with their modern AI-powered hiring platform. When asked for any advice to share with other Launch Fishers companies Andre offered,

“This ecosystem is vital to each of our companies’ growth.  Take time to contribute to it and don’t be afraid to ask for mentorship and feedback. Also, give time for the various pitches and hallway conversation. Collectively Launch Fishers has some of the most innovative and talent minds around. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help and guidance.”

We wish Andre the best of luck on his newest adventure and are excited to have him launching another growth story out of Launch Fishers!

Learn more about Cnect at and feel free to set up a 15 minute fast feedback session with Andre here.