And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Launch Fishers wouldn’t be what it is, or where it is, without its sponsors. Offering everything from free Internet to conference space to Lunch n’ Learns, sponsors enrich the coworking space and offer insight and education to its members.


Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

One of Launch Fishers’ major sponsors—of which there are several—is Barnes & Thornburg, LLP, a law firm and lobbying group with offices throughout the United States. For the duration of their sponsorship, the law firm has hosted several office hours and several Lunch n’ Learns about raising capital, taxes, equity, and more. They were also one of the sponsors for Fail Fest, a one-day event celebrating failure and how it can spawn innovation. Most obviously, Launch Fishers’ large conference room is named for them and reflects Barnes & Thornburg’s belief and investment in the coworking space and its potential.

B&TCity of Fishers

Launch Fishers wouldn’t be possible without the support of the city of Fishers and its mayor, Scott Fadness. Fadness, particularly, is a champion of the mission of Launch Fishers and even presented at Fail Fest. By contributing not only a portion of funding but also institutional support, the city of Fishers has aligned itself with economic growth and entrepreneurial opportunity.



Any business today relies on the Internet to some degree, whether it’s staying in touch with clients over email or Google Hangout, communicating with your team through HipChat or updating your business’ social media accounts. As a sponsor of Launch Fishers, LightBound has provided free Internet access and Wi-Fi to the space. For the level of service LightBound donates, a business would normally pay several thousand dollars a month. So, theirs is a huge and meaningful contribution.


Candidio and inSourceCode

Many of Launch Fishers’ sponsors find it easier (and more practical) to donate time and services instead of money. The two companies listed above do just that, and their in-kind donations enrich the coworking space with Lunch n’ Learns, sponsorship of Fail Fest, and hosting of other events to inform and grow budding entrepreneurs.


We want to thank all of the sponsors above and all of the many others! Visit our sponsors page to see who else supports entrepreneurs in central Indiana.