Launch Fishers V2

Launch Fishers V2

The pace of change in a startup is frenetic. So why would it be any less nuts in a place with 50+ companies under one roof? Especially considering we are housing 125+ members, each working in their own high-impact organizations and contributing to our exciting startup scene?

We can’t iterate as quickly as Eric Reis did when he was CTO IMVU (he added code to the product sometimes at a rate of nearly 50 times per day!). But we certainly can listen, iterate and get better — as a built-in function of our day-to-day operation. In fact, at our membership meeting in January, we received what could be the highest compliment we could receive when one of our members said something to the effect of “if there is something wrong, it doesn’t stay wrong for long!”  By the way, thank you Matt Dean!

So here we are, not even four months from our grand opening and we are already thinking about swinging hammers again! On the drawing board: some small changes that could yield big time impact for our members. Some of what we are thinking about:

– Creating more small meeting spaces
– Upgrading the phone booths with doors and acoustic panels
– Continuing to divide the space while keeping it flexible and functional
– The grand of our full-service coffee shop with hours initially limited to a “core” of mid-AM to early afternoon
– Finalizing the “back office” stuff including “mail room”, print station & community bulletin board (yes, a cork board)
– Continued upgrades to A/V related stuff including more rolling flat panels and our own portable PA system

And the high-boy chairs are in for the working bar area and our treadmill desk is already receiving rave reviews on Twitter!


So what would you like to see in Launch Fishers V2? Drop us your comments here.