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What To Expect From FailFest 2015

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FailFest sprung up out of the desire to flip the way we all look at failure. Smart people realize that without failure there would be no success. It’s important that we each recognize our failures and what we can learn from them in order to move forward and past them to the end goal. FailFest’s inaugural 2014 conference was a huge hit and we’re bringing it back bigger and better. FailFest 2015 is coming to Fishers on December 9th. FailFest celebrates the role failure plays in moving companies, careers, and community forward to success. We’re adding a little extra twist of excitement this year by hosting the conference at Tom Wood Aviation at the Indianapolis Metro Airport.   

A shot from FailFest 2014

  Fail Fest is a one day conference honoring failure as a ticket to success. While failure is never the goal, it’s often the little hurdles we need to get there. Celebrating failure in innovation, we’ve got a whole new 2015 lineup of speakers that will be headlined by Jim Hallett, Scott McCorkle, and more. Hallett is Chairman and CEO of KAR Auction Services and was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. McCorkle serves as the CEO for Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, and previously led technology and strategy for ExactTarget and was VP of IBM’s customer relationship management product group. We’ve got a full slate of speakers ready to spill about their own personal failures! Advance sale general admission will be $99 per ticket on sale at We’ll also be selling tickets at-the-door for $129. When: Wednesday, December 9th Time: 9AM-4PM Where: Tom Wood Aviation in Fishers, IN Get your tickets today and get ready to laugh and cry at some of the area’s most successful business people’s failures. For more information about FailFest 2015 or for tickets, visit  metonymylogo Written by our sponsor Metonymy Media. Metonymy is a union of creative writers dedicated to serving companies and agencies with practical and effective content marketing strategies for growth and success.          

Why is it Important to Talk About Failure?

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Of all the things in the world to hold a festival about, failure seems an odd choice. But failure is one of our biggest fears in life. Talking about our failures openly actually inspires three positive phenomena in our lives and the lives of others: insight, understanding and innovation.   Fail Fest 2 Color Reverse Banner   Insight When you fail big, it’s often tempting to hide it. You tuck the shame and self-doubt down into yourself, or just forge ahead without dwelling on your feelings. But pulling those often painful memories out and examining them offers a learning opportunity. It’s not just about unpacking what you did wrong; it’s about coming to know your motivations, habits, and choices that lead to failures. When you come to terms with one failure, it’s easier to avoid the next one. Understanding The reason talking about your failures helps you avoid them is that it teaches you something. Maybe it’s a lesson about humility, or organization, or taking outcomes for granted. However it comes to you, accept it as best you can. Applying these lessons to our actions is far more difficult that it sounds. Some personal elements that lead us to failure are habitual. Only with understanding of how they impact us can we be mindful when they emerge and start to sabotage us. Innovation “Necessity is the mother of invention” is a phrase that originated in England sometime in the late Middle Ages. As they grew toward the Renaissance, our ancestors understood that to fail meant something difficult, but also something magical: the ability to try again in a new way. Failure inspires us to step outside our comfort zones and take control. Once a project, invention, or relationship has gone bust, a second attempt has the benefit of all the understanding from the first attempt. Is there a failure from your past you want to re-attempt, or move beyond? We’re here to help spark your insight, grow your understanding, and inspire your innovation. Join us December 9 to celebrate the best and worst in all of us. For more information about Fail Fest 2015 or for tickets, visit    metonymylogo Written by our sponsor Metonymy Media. Metonymy is a union of creative writers dedicated to serving companies and agencies with practical and effective content marketing strategies for growth and success.          

New Launch Fishers Building is State’s First Entrepreneurial Coworking Space Certified as AT&T Fiber Ready

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FISHERS, IND., NOV. 19, 2015 — As part of AT&T’s continuing efforts to drive economic development and investment in Indiana, AT&T and local elected officials today announced that the new Launch Fishers building, which will house an even larger coworking space for entrepreneurs than its current location, has been certified as being AT&T Fiber Ready.  It is just the second site in Indiana to receive this certification, and the first coworking space.

“AT&T is investing in high-speed Internet in urban and rural areas across Indiana using the latest wired and wireless technologies, and we are proud to highlight the new Launch Fishers facility as one of many places in Indiana where AT&T’s fiber infrastructure is in place and ready to help local businesses grow,” said Bill Soards, president of AT&T Indiana.

“Positive, pro-business policies embraced by Indiana’s state and local elected officials continue to make our state a great place to invest, and I’m proud of the work our AT&T Indiana employees have done deploying fiber and other infrastructure that delivers high-speed Internet access,” he added.  “Their hard work and skills, combined with the nearly $2 billion we’ve invested in Indiana over the last 3 years, enable Hoosiers to connect and innovate.”

Fiber Ready Blue Logo

In today’s world, connectivity is vital to new employers and businesses of every type. There’s no such thing as a “low-tech” business today, so economic development leaders must be able to tout the presence of high-speed internet connectivity.

“Our resources in Fishers Hamilton Co. are extensive, but if potential investors aren’t aware of the impressive tech infrastructure in place, then we face the potential of missing many opportunities. This AT&T Fiber Ready designation helps to eliminate those missed opportunities, and furthers Fishers as an entrepreneurial, innovative city,” said Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness.

“With this new designation, Launch Fishers will have a competitive advantage when talking to entrepreneurs and small businesses about their needs," said State Sen. Jim Merritt.  “Coupled with Hamilton Co.’s other great assets, this innovative facility will be even more attractive to those looking to launch a new idea.”

“The new Launch Fishers will be a dynamic catalyst for growth, and we want to be sure that it’s clear we also have the latest technology,” said Launch Fishers Founder John Wechsler.  “With the designation of being AT&T Fiber Ready, we can more confidently tell our entrepreneurs and high-potential companies that we’re ready to accelerate their growth with the availability of high-speed fiber.”

To learn more about Launch Fishers, please go to  For more information about the City of Fishers, please go to

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

About AT&T

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) helps millions around the globe connect with leading entertainment, mobile, high speed Internet and voice services. We’re the world’s largest provider of pay TV. We have TV customers in the U.S. and 11 Latin American countries. In the U.S., our wireless network has the nation’s strongest 4G LTE signal and most reliable 4G LTE. We offer the best global coverage of any U.S. wireless provider*. And we help businesses worldwide serve their customers better with our mobility and highly secure cloud solutions.

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What Happened at Last Year’s FailFest?

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If you’re attending FailFest for the first time this year, you’re in for a real treat. At last year’s FailFest—the inaugural fest!—we had a great number of speakers tell us about some of their trials and tribulations as business leaders, and the way they learned lessons after experiencing failure.


A panel discussion during FailFest 2014

This year, you’ll hear plenty more lessons learned, and the ways successful entrepreneurs have led their businesses through failures, but what did we learn last year?

Last year’s list of speakers included some of Indy’s best known entrepreneurs, including the following:

  • David Becker - First Internet Bank
  • Michael Cloran - DeveloperTown
  • Eric Doden - Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  • Gerry Hayes - Slane Capitol
  • Scott Hill - PERQ
  • Scott Jones - Eleven Fifty
  • Mike Langellier - TechPoint
  • Andy Medley - PERQ
  • Clay Robinson - Sun King Brewing Company
  • Neal Rothermel - VMS BioMarketing
  • Jacob Schpok - Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Peter Shubert, Pd.D., P.E. - IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology
  • Shawn Schwegman - Gusto

From a wide array of backgrounds, all of these speakers learned valuable lessons about what it means to fail. The most important lesson overall is one that they all seemed to share: you will fail, but if you learn from the failure, you will head right back up.

Our inaugural FailFest was full of failure and was a great success, and we can’t wait for this one to be bigger, better and fail-ier!

For more information about FailFest 2015 or for tickets, visit  

  metonymylogo Written by our sponsor Metonymy Media. Metonymy is a union of creative writers dedicated to serving companies and agencies with practical and effective content marketing strategies for growth and success.

Award-Winning FailFest Returns for Second Year

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Launch Fishers announced today their popular FailFest event will return this winter. The one-day conference will celebrate failure’s role in innovation at Tom Wood Aviation on December 9.

Launch Fishers recently received international recognition from the International Economic Development Council for FailFest 2014 and the supportive role the event plays in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Fail Fest 2 Color Reverse Banner

FailFest 2015 includes an all-new list of speakers headlined by Jim Hallett, Scott McCorkle and a host of other top entrepreneurial leaders. Hallett is Chairman and CEO of KAR Auction Services and was named national EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. McCorkle serves as CEO, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce and previously led technology and strategy for ExactTarget and was VP of IBM’s customer relationship management product group.  

“The turnout for our inaugural event in 2014 was so amazing that we decided on the spot it needed to be an annual event,” said John Wechsler, Founder and CEO of Launch Fishers. “Moving the event to Tom Wood Aviation at the Indianapolis Metro Airport in Fishers will add an extra twist of excitement this year.”

Full list of speakers this year includes: Jim Brown formerly of Haven, John McDonald of CloudOne, Scotty Wise of Scotty’s Brewhouse, Financial Commentator Pete “The Planner” Dunn , Chris Byers of Formstack, Santiago Jaramillo of Bluebridge Digital, Brand Coach Thaddeus Rex, Jason Tennenhouse of 10 IN HOUSE Strategy & Design, Katie Culp of KSM Location Advisors, revenue and go-to-market expert Jenny Vance, Dante Ventresca of Theater of Inclusion, Brad Wisler of Sproutbox, Gabe Connell of Hotbox Pizza, Dr. Allen Bourff of HSE Schools, Jay Love of Bloomerang, Jim Hallett of KAR Auction Services, Dave Wortman of Diagnotes, Bobby Logan of K12 Mobility, Danielle McDowell of The Speakeasy, Ellen Rosenthal of Conner Prairie, Anderson Schoenrock of Memory Ventures and Scott McCorkle of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  


A look back at FailFest 2014

“Like every good startup, CloudOne has experienced many failures, including at least two potentially catastrophic ones. I can’t wait to share that story at FailFest and, more importantly, how these failures directly led to our explosive growth and customer success," said John McDonald, CEO of CloudOne.

Early bird ticket pricing is available now at $79.00. Advance sale general admission tickets will be $99.00 and at-the-door sales will be $129.00. Tickets are now available at

FailFest is produced & presented by Launch Fishers and sponsored by Taft Stettinius & Hollister, Elevate Ventures, Launch Indiana, Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Indiana Small Business Development Center, Visit Hamilton County, Invest Hamilton County, The City of Fishers, AT&T and Metonymy Media.

About Launch Fishers: 

Launch Fishers is a launch pad for high-potential enterprises located in Fishers, Indiana. Created by John Wechsler in conjunction with the City of Fishers in 2012, Launch Fishers has grown to 530 members in a wide array of industries and ranging from startup to expansion-stage companies. More at

Press Contact:

Cassie Conklin

7 Launch Way

Fishers, IN 46038

(317) 537-7939


Launch Fishers Interns: Meet Caleb!

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Hello! I’m Caleb Ostrander and I will be joining the Launch Fishers team as their fall intern. I just began my final semester at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion studying finance and business administration. I am passionate about community and economic development, entrepreneurship and nonprofits. Needless to say, I am stoked to be able to join the Launch Fishers community. In addition to my studies, I enjoy scuba diving, biking and reading. I also love to hear people’s ideas, stories and passions. So feel free to stop by if you see me around!  

Caleb Ostrander is a Senior at Indiana Wesleyan University


Indiana Wesleyan partners with Launch Fishers to open Business Center in central Indiana

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MARION, IN – Indiana Wesleyan University has partnered with Launch Fishers to establish The Refinery Business Center in Marion, Indiana.  The Refinery will be a 6,000sf co-working space for entrepreneurs, non-profits, small businesses, students, and all other types of independent professionals.  Marion native and founding partner, Shelby Bowen, said he believes The Refinery will be a great addition to the thriving entrepreneurial culture in central Indiana. “The Refinery team is excited to work with residents, students, and visitors, of all ages and trades,” said Bowen, “and to provide extraordinary local and state resources for entrepreneurs to continue to start and grow businesses in central Indiana.”  The Refinery will offer co-working desks, conference rooms, private offices, Wi-Fi, a café area, patio seating, and other professional office amenities for members and guests as well as educational programming for new entrepreneurs.  Bowen said the center will also house a large, versatile classroom intended for entrepreneurial-oriented youth and adult programming. Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 12.46.15 PM John Wechsler, founder of Launch Fishers and adviser on the project, said that Marion is a great place for an entrepreneurial center because of its central location between Ft. Wayne and Indianapolis, along with being the home to Indiana Wesleyan’s main campus.  "Drawing on the strengths of proximity to major metro areas and university presence, The Refinery will be well-positioned to be a valued part of the Indiana Co-working Passport network.”  Carol Brown, Associate Dean of Life Calling & Career, said the University continues to invest in initiatives that have a broad impact for their students and the communities they serve.”  “Indiana Wesleyan University is eager to support economic development in Indiana by encouraging our students to work within communities to provide world-changing life experiences,” said Brown.  Indiana Wesleyan plans to support the program in a variety of ways, including technical support, facilitating educational programs, university-to-business networking projects, and paid internships through the Lilly Endowment Grant, called “Accelerate Indiana.” According to Bowen, The Refinery Business Center was made possible in large part by a grant from the Community Foundation of Grant County.  “They have been a community partner in every sense of the word,” said Bowen.  Dawn Brown, Executive Director of the Foundation, said The Refinery was another great way to further the mission of the Foundation.  “The Refinery speaks to one of the Community Foundation’s core purposes, which is to connect people, resources, and causes to promote sustainable impact towards the betterment of Grant County,” said Brown. The Refinery, located at 2301 S. Western Ave, is scheduled to open September 24th.  You can learn more about The Refinery at or by contacting Shelby Bowen at or (317) 670-7997. About IWU: Indiana Wesleyan University is an evangelical Christian comprehensive university of The Wesleyan Church. The University, founded in 1920, is committed to global liberal arts and professional education. Nearly 3,000 students are enrolled in traditional programs on the University's main campus in Marion, Indiana. Nearly 12,500 adult learners attend classes at education centers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, and online. About Launch Fishers: Launch Fishers is a launch pad for high-potential enterprises. Created by John Wechsler and Mayor Scott Fadness, Launch Fishers has grown to over 500 members in a wide array of industries ranging from startup to expansion-stage companies. More at About the Foundation: The Foundation is an advocate for local philanthropy and dedicated to improving the lives of people in the Grant County area.  Since 1984, the Foundation has been working with donors to establish charitable funds and has supported non-profit organizations through a variety of grantmaking efforts.  Learn more at

Member Spotlight: Eric Hensley of GitHub

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Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 4.30.25 PM

Eric Hensley is a Launch Fishers member and employed by GitHub

Today we live in a world where “every business is in the software business”. Eric Hensley works for  GitHub, a company that helps facilitate the software in this new world. When different software developers want to collaborate on a project the default tool they use to keep everything organized is GitHub. If the software project is public or open-sourced GitHub is completely free to use, and is currently being utilized by over 1,000,000 projects! As GitHub, and others, have famously said: “software is eating the world” and it seems like GitHub is selling shovels to the gold diggers of the 21st century. Eric is a current employee of GitHub and works with selling the enterprise version of GitHub to companies both large and small that write and publish different software. Eric originally went to Ball State University and then worked with software sales at notable companies such as AT&T, Oracle and Microsoft. After working there for a while he got “the itch to work for someone a little more cutting edge”. GitHub then reached out to him proactively and the more he talked to GitHub he realized it would be a great opportunity. Eric now works off-and-on between his home, the road and Launch Fishers. He originally heard of Launch Fishers through his neighbor and he likes it because he is able to be in a space with a lot of energy, creativity and thought leadership.

Inspiring Leaders of Coworking Spaces around the World

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The modern workforce doesn’t spend thirty­ years at the same job, for the same company, working out of the same building. The modern workforce has changed. At the forefront of this change are the people who are working to build a way of working that fits with our modern time. Co­working spaces have become so popular, and are still gaining popularity, because they make sense. Here are some inspiring leaders of the co­working world. Jeremy Neuner He’s co­author of "The Rise of the Naked Economy" and CEO and co-­founder of San Francisco-based NextSpace, one of the most popular chains of co­working spaces out there. Neuner said in an interview that the shift in the workspace will affect many other areas of life: “We’ll see changes in where we live, how we educate our kids, how we get around and what we ultimately value in our lives.” For Neuner to shift to co­working spaces is a signifier of bigger, better things in the world. Simon Schaefer He’s the founder of the 170,000 square-­foot technology­-based co­working space campus named Factory in Berlin. Some of his first tenants at Factory include Twitter, Mozilla, SoundCloud and Zendesk. Schaefer’s choice to build the facility on a site that sits where the former Berlin Wall used to be is no accident. Schaefer wants to provide a space for companies to move the world forward. He was quoted saying he wants the Factory to be “a playground for entrepreneurs that will help to transform Berlin.” Schaefer has plans to keep building more facilities of this size, and you can bet that he won’t stop with just transforming Berlin. factory-simon-schaefer Sharon Ann Lee A former trend analyst, Sharon Ann Lee strives to make the space that people work in conducive to the work they’re doing. After working in a traditional workspace for many years, she founded Jellyfish Cartel. It is a bright, colorful and playful place for getting work done. The space was called “The Coolest Co­working Space We’ve Ever Seen” by Wired magazine. Lee was inspired by the workspace she saw in the documentary about Charles and Ray Eams called The Architect and the Painter. That space is what helped her create her own co­working space: “I liked the idea of people doing totally different things and butting up against each other in those accidental serendipitous moments.” Lee’s space is like no other co­working space, and her DIY décor and brightly colored, outside­-the­-box approach to creating a co­working space is attractive to many entrepreneurs and startups.   metonymylogo Written by our sponsor Metonymy Media. Metonymy is a union of creative writers dedicated to serving companies and agencies with practical and effective content marketing strategies for growth and success.