Member Spotlight: Vemo Education

Member Spotlight: Vemo Education

This month’s member spotlight is on Vemo Education. As the leader in income share agreements (ISAs), they design, implement and manage impactful ISA programs to align school and student outcomes. Their innovative solutions and unique insights allow schools to compete, succeed, and fundamentally change their relationship with students.

While the Vemo Technology hub has been in Launch Fishers since 2019, they have teammates spread across the miles, including Washington, D.C. and Tampa, Florida. The decision to join Launch Fishers was made by VP of Technology John Bennett.

“I wanted to get to space where we could concentrate on what we do best – helping schools help students through technology – and not worry about facilities,” said John. “Back then it was just me. As we’ve grown, we have continued to need more space. Launch Fishers has been extremely helpful in this area.”

John enjoys being a part of a facility where people are friendly, energetic, entrepreneurial, and work hard. He cites networking opportunities as one of the perks of working here.

“At one point, we needed technical expertise that we did not have. We were able to walk across the floor to Pear Circuit, who provided us with the help we needed.”

The team at Vemo hope to be able to leverage the talent of their neighbors at Launch Fishers as needed in the future. They’ve also discovered it to be a great place to attract energetic and talented people.

We’re thrilled to have them with us, and look forward to supporting them as they grow!

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