EVENT RECAP: ChatGPT, AI, and You – What AI Means for Indiana’s Small Businesses

EVENT RECAP: ChatGPT, AI, and You – What AI Means for Indiana’s Small Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) was once a dream. But now, it’s everywhere. In art, in schools, and most importantly in our case, in business. The rapid expansion of AI and the release of programs such as ChatGPT have raised thousands of questions for small business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs. Questions like “Should I trust it?” “What are the legal implications?” “And what does this mean for my Indiana business?” On Tuesday July 11, Launch Fishers hosted a luncheon event to tackle those questions and more.

The event, ‘ChatGPT, AI, and You,’ was presented by Clifton Larson Allen LLP and included an interactive panel of Fishers business representatives who all have had first-hand experience working with AI and ChatGPT. Seventy-five attendees filled the Launch Fishers theater to enjoy lunch and hear from the panelists. David Bolling, our Executive Director, moderated the discussion among the panel, which included:

“AI and ChatGPT are revolutionizing the way we do things and will soon be everywhere in our businesses. With that said, at this early stage, we need to be cautious about the role it plays because it is still very prone to errors, and the legal ramifications of its use (or misuse) in the marketplace have not been determined.” Black Holler brought the legal perspective to the conversation, answering guest questions about copyright and trademarks and pushing a more cautious approach to ChatGPT.

One question that was not only asked at the event but since the advent of the AI explosion is ‘will robots take my job?’ “I feel like the answer to that lies in the company they work for. Are there companies that will use this tool to eliminate jobs? – certainly. But they would be doing their company a disservice in the long run, ” Jason Beutler answered. “Teams want to do High Trust/High Significant work. AI can ultimately do the Low Trust/Low Significance work – but that is good because it frees teams up to do the more impactful work they crave in the first place.”

While there are still countless questions and fears about the role of AI plays in our ever-changing world, Alex White reminded attendees that “LLMs [large language models] can make our lives more efficient today, helping us write code, generate marketing materials, and summarize information.” AI is opening a new chapter for businesses and the world.

To continue the conversation, Launch Fishers is hosting a three-part event series titled “AI and You” on the first Thursday of each month from September through November from 9AM-10AM. Each event will focus on a specific topic that AI is disrupting and gain critical insight from new panelists who will guide the conversation. The first event’s topic is Content Creation & Marketing, focusing on the disruptive and evolving role that AI tools like Adobe Firefly and ChatGPT are having in the creative business world. Learn more and register here: aiandyou-marketing.eventbrite.com


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📸 Photos provided by Brosmer Photographic

📝 Written by Ella Robertson & Rachel Drake