Our Community: The Sponsors

Our Community: The Sponsors

In any startup “the team” is arguably the most important part of the equation. I have long believed — and much has been written lately — that ideas are commodities. Great ideas are inert without an entrepreneur and a team with the knowledge, experience and resources to execute.

An important part of the team at Launch Fishers is our sponsors. These sponsors range from straight-up cash donations to those willing to contribute services gratis or at substantially reduced rates to help us advance our mission of creating an awesome environment for entrepreneurs to launch their startups.

As the list of sponsors reaches critical mass, I wanted to publicly thank each of them and welcome other like-minded firms with an interest in supporting our 501(c)(3) cause. We have banks, CPAs and even a university orbiting around us as we craft relationships that are winners for everyone. Reach out if you want to be part of this wonderful ecosystem supporting entrepreneurs as they pursue their dreams.

And as the list grows, we will update our sponsors page on our website.

Launch Fishers Sponsors (alpha listing)

Alerding Castor Hewitt 
Barnes & Thornburg
Blast Media
Duke Energy 
EX2 Partners 
Hagerman Construction 
Masters of Business Online Conference 
Neal Moore New Media 
Remora Studio 
Swift Air Mechanical 

If you know principals or employees at any of these companies, please take a moment to thank them for supporting us!